Crew awarded for no Lost Time Accident

Genex Mining crew members were awarded with jackets for having completed a 6 month contract without a Lost Time Accident at Roca Mines Ltd.

introducing new Health and Safety Program

Genex has just completed, with the help from the Business Development Bank of Canada consultants, a brand new health and safety program. This new safety program is a substantial investment in our employees continued health and safety. Genex is now working towards our C.O.R safety program certification.

Shop Construction completed

New Genex Mining shop and main office in Silverton, BC

genex shop 018

New Shop Construction


Back where it all started, Genex Mining Company Ltd. is planning its new shop and HQ in Silverton. Preparing for the future, Genex will have several employees there, including office staff and mechanics.

Village council has approved the project and says it is pleased to have a mining company back in Silverton once more.

Safety Awards – 2 year

For safe work practices, 2 Year safety award, REDI-MEDIC first aid kit and 100% COMPANY PAID B.C. MEDICAL SERVICES PLAN BENEFIT.

Safety Awards for safe work practices

For safe work practices, safety awards are given to employees for each year of employment. Leatherman “blast” Tool. 1 year safety award.