Yukon contract completed

Genex Mining Company Ltd. has successfully completed a Track Drifting and Diamond Drill Station Excavation contract for Ampex Mining Ltd at Prophecy Platinum’s Wellgreen Project, Yukon. The project was started and March of 2012 and successfully completed in May of 2012.

Crew awarded for no Lost Time Accident

Genex Mining crew members were awarded with jackets for having completed a 6 month contract without a Lost Time Accident at Roca Mines Ltd.

Roca Mines Contract

Agreement between Genex Mining and Roca Mines Inc.
Genex Mining to commence underground mine development and supervision contract for Roca Mines.

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Shop Construction completed

New Genex Mining shop and main office in Silverton, BC

genex shop 018

New Shop Construction


Back where it all started, Genex Mining Company Ltd. is planning its new shop and HQ in Silverton. Preparing for the future, Genex will have several employees there, including office staff and mechanics.

Village council has approved the project and says it is pleased to have a mining company back in Silverton once more.

Used Equipment for sale

Used equipment for sale. Visit equipment page.

Roca Mines Development update

Update: Genex crews have surpassed 4000m of combined decline and lateral development for Roca Mines’ MAX molybdenum mine in Trout Lake. Earlier, Genex completed the 1,403m adit tunnel for Roca.

Recent equipment purchases include: 1998 Toro 007, 1994 E JC 210, 1994 Two-Boom Electric/Hydraulic Jumbo, 1990 1504 Rock truck, Scissorlift and 2008 Bazooka Diamond Drill.

Max mine contract update

UPDATE- Max mine contract: Genex Crews have excavated 2200m. of combined decline and lateral underground development.
6/1/2008- Genex completed the 1402m #2adit tunnel for Roca Mines Inc.